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    Suzhou Security Type Introduction

    Release time: 2018-06-29

            Suzhou Factory Security Service Company--Jiangsu Hengzhi Security Service Company introduces you as follows:

            Suzhou mall security

            Responsibilities: Inspect the fire and public security situation of all merchants, discourage, correct, and stop merchants' violations of laws and regulations; check merchants' decoration construction and decoration personnel certificates; do a good job in fire prevention and theft prevention in shopping malls; maintain order in the parking lot.

            Suzhou Community Security

            Responsibilities: Serve the owners of the community, do a good job in maintaining the order and security of the community.

            Corporate security

            Responsibilities: Manage the company's parking spaces and in and out vehicles, maintain and maintain the company's good corporate image, and do a good job in the company's internal fire prevention and theft prevention.

            Guard inside guard

            Responsibilities: To manage the inventory of goods entering and leaving the factory, the management of entering and leaving vehicles, the registration of personnel entering and exiting the factory gate, the maintenance of factory workshop safety and order, and fire prevention and theft prevention.

            Event security

            Responsibilities: Responsible for the on-site order maintenance of events and competitions, personal safety of event personnel, fire safety and on-site fire prevention and theft prevention work to ensure the smooth progress of the event.

            School security

            Responsibilities: Responsible for school (kindergarten) students and school internal safety. Responsible for school fire safety, some school security guards are responsible for water and electricity work part-time.

            For more information about Suzhou factory security services and temporary security services, please continue to pay attention to the official website of Jiangsu Hengzhi Security Services Co., Ltd.

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