The Best Kratom Extract Shot

best kratom extract shot

The best kratom extract shot provides a powerful and convenient way to try a kratom strain. They are more potent than a tea or capsule, but easier to take on the go and are more portable than a full-sized bag of crushed-leaf kratom powder. They’re not meant to be chugged like beer, but sip slowly over 30 minutes for a steady release of alkaloids into the bloodstream. Find out

The 10 mL kratom extract shot from Kingdom Kratom uses their unique chromatographic process to extract and combine the full spectrum of kratom alkaloids. This produces a wide range of effects for pain relief, anxiety, and mood imbalances, making it ideal for daytime activities or socializing. This product is lab-tested and backed by the brand’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Top Picks: The Best Kratom Extract Shots for Enhanced Well-Being

While the kratom extract is the main component in a kratom shot, other ingredients can also be added. These can include additional kratom, instant kava, or other plant-derived compounds. Some shots have a light grape flavor that goes down smoothly and tastes good, while others have extra energy boosters or are made in a GMP-certified facility.

Customers love the Happy Hippo kratom extract shot because it starts working quickly and delivers a powerful dose of the primary kratom alkaloid, mitragynine. It is very potent and can deliver opiate-like pain relief, energizing effects similar to caffeine, or increased focus and concentration levels. The product is not recommended for beginners because of the high concentration level, but it can be used by experienced users if taken in moderation.