Top Ten Fashion Trends for 2023 – Data Insights

Top Ten Fashion Trends for 2023: Data Insights catwalk accents and trends come and go with every new season. But if you look closely at the runway collections, it’s possible to identify certain trends that have the potential to cross over into the everyday wardrobe. With summer over and fall on the horizon, we looked to data to see which ten fashion trends are likely to be omnipresent this year.

According to Hey Discount, which analyzes consumer trend data including TikTok analytics and Google searches, the following ten trends are set to be major in 2023.

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From tulle skirts and bodysuits to ballet flats and corset tops, the hyper-feminine style archetype known as balletcore is here to stay. As seen on high-fashion runways and TikTok stars like Emma Corrin, the sartorial trend isn’t about to disappear anytime soon.

2. Cargo Pants

Utilitarian wear will be big in 2023, especially cargo pants. But don’t expect the shapeless, low-rise jeans of the Y2K era to make a return: According to Hey Discount, the 00s staple is getting an upgrade with tailored silhouettes, interesting pocket placements and elevated fabrics such as silk and organza.

3. Faux Leather Leggings

Personal stylist Jackie Condura told Insider that faux-leather leggings will be a popular choice this year, and recommends pairing them with blazers to create a workwear-inspired look. She also said shades of green are poised to take center stage, particularly fern and moss hues.

Ashley Full, cofounder and stylist at AMOUR781, agrees with Condura’s predictions. She says lug-sole loafers will be a major trend this year, and suggests pairing them with a collegiate-inspired cardigan for an instant outfit upgrade.