How a Land Survey Company Can Help You

Delaware land survey company

Getting an accurate, Delaware land survey company is essential for many different types of projects and situations. A land survey can resolve property disputes, provide crucial information for real estate transactions or mortgages, assist with construction and planning processes, and ensure compliance with zoning, environmental, and building codes.

The specialized team at Simpler Surveying & Associate can help with many types of surveys. Some of our most common services include Location Surveys, Elevation Certificates, Boundary Dispute Resolution, Topographical Surveys, and Construction Stakeouts. Our team has the experience and modern equipment necessary to provide all of your surveying needs.

Navigating the Delaware Landscape: How to Choose the Right Land Survey Company

The Board of Professional Land Surveyors qualifies and licenses individuals seeking licensure, and it regulates the practice of land surveying in the state of Delaware. The Board also investigates complaints and, when appropriate, imposes disciplinary sanctions.

In addition to ensuring that the public has access to quality information regarding the boundaries of private and commercial properties, the Board is charged with overseeing the licensing, training, and testing of land surveyors. In addition, the Board conducts public hearings and investigations regarding complaints of unlicensed surveying activity.

According to data compiled by ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a Land Surveyor in Delaware is $68,073. However, there are a few jobs that pay above this amount, with Dover leading the way at $54,380 (79.9%) above the national average.