O-1 Visa – For Individuals of Extraordinary Ability

The o1 visa is for individuals of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. It is also available to motion picture and television artists and entertainment performers.

What is the US visa for persons with extraordinary ability?

Individuals must demonstrate their extraordinary ability by meeting at least three of eight O-1A criteria. The most common way that people meet the criterion is by winning a significant award in their field, like a Nobel Prize. Others might satisfy the criterion by having had their work featured in major press or having judged a competition in their field.

Another criterion is having had or planning to have critical employment at organizations with distinguished reputations. This can be demonstrated through evidence such as letters from renowned universities, contracts with major organizations, or publicity materials. Finally, the criterion requires that the work that you will perform in the US be related to your field of extraordinary ability. This can be shown through your employment contract, or by submitting a written description of the nature and purpose of your work in the United States.

The petitioning entity for an O-1 visa must be a US employer or an agent of an international employer authorized to act on behalf of the petitioner. The petitioner must submit a petition and supporting documentation with the USCIS. The beneficiary must then attend a visa interview at the appropriate US Embassy or Consulate.