The Real World Tate Review

The real world tate is a community of online business courses that have made millions of dollars for Andrew Tate and his students. The academy also has many other successful millionaires as mentors inside the school who share their own experiences and lessons learned from making money in the stock market and other areas of business. However, signing up to the academy will not make you a millionaire unless you take action and apply the skills you learn.

Previously, the academy ran a webcam model that encouraged men to pay for private chats with women. The program was later criticised for encouraging sexual exploitation and predatory behavior against vulnerable young men. Tristan Tate eventually resigned from the business after accusations of sexual assault were made against him.

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Since then, the Real World has been a subject of controversy. In August 2022, it was de-platformed by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok for “hateful rhetoric”. The platform’s supporters say he is a victim of social media bullying.

The Real World is hosted on a custom portal, which is accessible via a web browser or a mobile app. It has its own independent infrastructure and payment processors, as well as a license to accept money for its services. It also features several campuses, each of which is run by a professor.

The Real World focuses on breaking people free by teaching them strategies the wealthy use in today’s world. Its founder, who calls himself Morpheus, compares joining the community to taking the red pill in The Matrix and escaping the simulation that is enslaving people. The community is primarily made up of white men from the US and Europe.