What is Admin Assist on Facebook?

What is moderation assistance on Facebook is leveling up its content moderation tools to give creators more control over conversations on the platform. The social media company is adding new comment moderation tools that will help creators to keep a tab on discussions by searching through comments with keywords, including emojis and commenter names and dates. The tool will also enable creators to hide or like specific comments on posts they own.

Facebook has already rolled out the tool in some groups and will continue to test it in more groups over the next few months. The tool will be available for public and private Facebook groups. It will let creators block problematic users and any future accounts they create, as well as automatically hide comments on posts using criteria that includes words that include numbers, symbols and alternative spellings. It will also give creators the ability to see insights on the number of times comments have been hidden in the past month.

Navigating the Social Spectrum: Understanding Facebook Moderation Assist and Its Impact on User Experience

There will be several other Admin Assist criteria that can be activated, such as the one that enables you to delete posts that have been reported by multiple members. This will help you to crowdsource the moderation of your group and remove content that is against the rules of your community.

Other criteria that is worth considering are the ones that allow you to automatically delete a post and reply to a comment with a message, and the one that turns comments into private messages. These are both handy features that will save you a lot of time.