What is MaxMindDB?

About maxminddb

Maxminddb is a company that sells various databases of geographic information associated with IP addresses. These are known as GeoIP databases. These databases are used by services like Wireshark and can be purchased from DB-IP or directly from MaxMind. These databases vary in the amount and type of information that they contain. Currently the GeoLite2 database is the most popular and can tell you the country, region, city, postal code, geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) and ISP and organization of an IP address. A number of other databases are available, including ones that provide more detailed mapping down to the street level.

The MaxMind DB file format uses a search tree indexed structure. This library provides a simple API for reading these files. There are two different methods for looking up data in the DB: the node callback and the data callback. Node callbacks are called for each node in the database and are passed three arguments: the node’s number, its left and right records. The data callback is called for records that point to the data section of the database and is passed two arguments: the network mask length and the record that points to it.

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This module is available in both a pure Python implementation as well as a C extension. This library requires Python 3.8+ and the CPython libraries sys, math, collections, queue, random and heapq. It is also required that your machine has a fast CPU and enough RAM to cache a large number of lookups. The cached data can be re-used for future lookups.